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About RCIsland

It’s commonly accepted by all parents that toys can help children develop their IQ, but most of us parents ignored that, for children, spending time with children while they exploring the world is the most important step. That’s also the main idea of

As a fully experienced family atmosphere creator, the founder of RCisland has deep sense about the coldness hunting around the family--parents are too busy with work to enjoy parenting time with children.

On the other hand, we have a deep sense of how much pressure a responsible adult has to take, which inspires RCisland to create those pressure-free toys. Sometimes, people are crying just because they have to be strong for too long; but in RCisland, you can relieve all the burden and find the original happiness that you had in your childhood.  

RCisland aims selling toys for children and family time. Because for those hard-working parents, nothing is better than accompanying with their lovely children to finish every piece of the DIY toy. What's more, we also provides a variety of remote control toys to take your children to participate in speed competitions in RCisland.

Have a look at  and find your family atmosphere creator. If you do want to involve in the childhood of your sweat heart but you don’t know how to start, please feel free to look through  and contact us anytime.


Our mission 

Make a Better Family Atmosphere and Enjoy Time with Toys.


Why island?


RCisland provides a variety of professional remote control vehicles and popular toys to make a better family atmosphere. Parents could relieve working pressure and enjoy parent-child time while working through various toys with children.

More considerable design

All toys in RCisland has been age classification strictly to make sure the beat game experience.

Stable material

Most of RCisland’s products are made by environment-friendly material, and RCisland has never stopped developing more stable material.

Better consumer experience

RCisland is not just a toy shop, what RCisland does is to give suggestions to parent-to-be and guide hard-working relieving stress.

Competitive Price

RCisland is able to provide all products at competitive prices. Our aim is to provide all fans an easy, convenient, excellent service “RCisland” where you can find numerous superior quality products at good prices!

Good Packaging & Speedy delivery

RCisland has learned much solid experience from its previous operation, so RCisland knows what you need and have the ability to provide you a smooth and easy transaction. RCisland concerns good packaging to avoid any damage during transportation.  It is surely no good to take the risk of breakage.


Our Core Values

Great Value – We aim at selling vehicles and popular toys at a reasonable price to create better parent-child time.

Excellent Customer Service Quality – We strive to provide world-class customer services so to customer loyalty and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

Commitment to the Education Community – We are more than merely a retailer of toys. We actively give back to parent-to-be and we welcome newcomers.

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